Spectral Video Acquisition

The prevalent spectrometers capture extremely high spectral resolution (even within 1nm), but remain only static scene capture because these spectrometers (temporally-varying filter, scanning mechanism) requires very long exposure time. Spectral video capture of dynamic real-world still presents lots of difficulties. The proposed spectral camera consists of two sensors, the gray one trades spatial information for spectrum (low-spatial-high-spectral resolution video, without sacrificing temporal information), the other RGB sensor records high-spatial but low-spectral (only RGB) video. The two video streams are synchronized and merged by spectral propagation to achieve high resolution spectral video capture in real-time.




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  • readHSD.m is a program for reading HyperSpectral Data in Matlab.

  • writeHSD.m is a program for writing HyperSpectral Data in Matlab.


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