3D Photo Studio

    Our studio recovers 3D shape using image based modeling method. The multi-view images are captured in a snapshot with our modeling system, then the data are processed almost automatically to build a delicate 3D mesh model. The reconstructing pipeline mainly contains calibration, depth estimation, fusion, optimization and meshing. We make adjustments according to different kind of objects, utilizing various prior to formulate a robust and accurate 3D modeling scheme. The result model (presented in gallery) could be used in the film and TV industries, 3D printing, virtual reality, etc.

3D Modeling System

Fig: 3D Face Modeling System in Original Force, Ltd.
Fig: 3D Face Modeling System (mobile version) in School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Nanjing University.
Fig: A simple modeling setup using one single camera, a light box and the turntable. This device reconstructs small and still things in high quality.


Mr. Li
Face in Image Mesh Model
Dazu Lithoglyph Model
One picture of Dazu Lithoglyph Rendered in Phong Coloring model Rendered in variable illumination
Garage kits of a player
One picture of the Garage kits Coloring model